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Top 3 Signs Your Boss Likes Your Work

Top 3 Signs Your Boss Really Likes You


Knowing that your work is appreciated can be one of the greatest motivators in the workplace.

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that positive feedback is a cheap, yet immensely powerful productivity-boosting tool.

Unfortunately, some bosses seem not to have read any of those studies yet.

You may have confidence in the quality of your work and maybe even receive a lot of acclaims from your coworkers.

But when it comes to your boss you may as well be running the company down into the gutters. No pat on the

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Resume Writing Group Reviews: What Do Their Clients Say?

Resume Writing Group Logo

Resume Writing Group is one of the oldest and most popular online resume writing services.

They have been offering resume writing services for over a decade and have written over 80,000 resumes for job seekers in different countries.

From the hundreds of Resume Writing Group reviews spread across different platforms on the internet, it’s easy to see just how well-known the service is.

But if you depend solely on reviews to guide your decision on whether to use their services, you are in for a lot of confusion.

While Resume

signs your boss wants you to quit signs your boss wants you to quit

The Top 5 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Quit


You know the feeling when you a guest somewhere that you have overstayed your welcome? Ever experienced the same chilly but subtle get-out-of-here vibe in your workplace?

Firing people is a lot of paperwork for managers and HR departments. It also comes with the risk of litigation especially of the firing was done under shady circumstances. So what your boss might do is ‘encourage’ you to quit on your volition.

The start sending unspoken messages and change their behavior towards you. The hope is that you will feel uncomfortable enough